Thursday, April 29, 2010

Expolring Cedar Creek Falls

If you can't find me in the ocean, I am most likely exploring the mountainous landscape of Southern California. Hiking in this region during the spring and summer months can be very hot. There is one solution to this problem: Make sure your destination is a place where you can cool off. Waterfall hikes are among my favorite destinations. They are naturally alluring in their power, size, sound and uniqueness to our dry climate.

While looking through my book, "101 Hikes in Southern California", I found a hike called Cedar Creek Falls. It was a catchy one. It described a moderate trail about 2.5 miles long to a 90 ft. fall over a large granite punchbowl. During the start of the hike you could look to your left and see Mildrid Falls which at 100 ft. is the tallest waterfall in San Diego County. As you keep descending you pass by hills covered in wildflowers and smell the aromas of native plants. After navigating your way down a rocky chute you turn left and get your first glimpse of the falls. Looking from the pool at the bottom all the way to the top you are astonished that something like this is less then two hours away from home.

My first attempt at the falls was a failed one, that left my wife Jenny and I sitting on the top pool looking down the face wondering how to get to the bottom. Two months ago I took my neighbor Patrick down there. After good trail selection and persistence we finally arrived at the bottom. For the past month we have taken a total of four groups to the falls. Our day consist of a 2 hour drive, a 45 min. hike and a few hours of rock jumps and rope-swing jumps. When the sun drops behind the hill it's time to hike out and head over to Wynola Pizza for pizza and apple pie.

To contact me about arranging a trip or to see more photos, go to my FACEBOOK. Have fun enjoying the outdoors. Pack out what you brought in so I don't have to. Last but not least, bring plenty of drinking water and don't dive head first. There have been several fatalities in the past!!!