Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've Created A Monster

Cameron Carlson's balls have officially dropped! After a solid session at Lake Dixon yesterday, I'm sold. Cameron started out the day with a gear lead of the Y-crack 5.7 offwidth. Next on the list was a near miss of a redpoint on the Roof, 5.11a. After hanging for bit and finding the right jams, he got the beta and pulled over the top. I'm sure he'll get the redpoint first try during his next visit. The last climb of the day was a project I've been working on, Double-D. It comes in at 5.10d and has very balency feet with little for the hands to hold onto.He got it pretty easy on his second attempt with a little beta. If this was all done in one day, imagine what a week of climbing looks like. The late nights training at Vital have paid off. He's been climbing for under a year and is already sending my project. Pretty wild to think about. Keep an eye out for this kid from the coastline crags of Malibu Creek, to the desert crags of New Jack City. Happy Birthday Kid!! Keep sending....
The ominous Dixon roof crack!
Cameron working the crux of Brian's Song 5.10c, Keller Peak, Big Bear