Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Air Reverse Sequence

Airs are one of my favorite things to do surfing. Here is a sequence my good friend Russell Spencer shot and I want to run you through the setup approach for an air.

SHOT 1 - You want to have as much speed as possible. You want to be looking at the section you want to hit and remember to make the bottom turn enough to set you up for your pop and rotation.

SHOT 2 - This is where you should pop off of the lip and transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot as you begin to rotate.

SHOT 3 - This is a perfect shot to show you what you need to do with your arms and upper torso. More often than not, it's easier to air if you try and throw a grab. Throwing your upper torso and arms in that position helps huck your board. You NEED to remember to stay centered above your board.

SHOT 4 - By the time you're floating on cloud 9, you want to be spotting your landing and release your body (if your compressed into your board) getting ready for the landing.

SHOT 5 - This is where you will be landing on your nose and transitioning your weight from your nose to your tail as you spin it around.

Airs are not the easiest thing to do. You need to get as much speed as you can and have lips to launch off and you should definitely learn turns before airs.

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