Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Palomar Boulders V3

This is a short video I made from a 30 min. session at Palomar Boulders. There are 3 climbable boulders there that provide a few climbs on each. This one I do in the video is my favorite. It's a sit start with feet on the base of the rock and hands on a chest high rail. The next move is a left hand to a good crimp. Third move is right hand to a really sharp micro crimp. Fourth move is a quick bump out of the bad crimp to a slopy crimp at chest level. The next move is a very dynamic reach to a 2 finger pocket. It's the crux and my favorite move by far. You have to stay very close to the rock, as it is easy to come off the bad right sloper if you make any aggressive movements. Once you get the two finger pocket you are golden and off to jug city the rest of the way up.

If you watch the video and take note of the beta, you will see yourself flashing this climb very soon. Wish you the best of luck and stay safe!!

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