Monday, May 20, 2013

A Death On El Cap

 The bird hauling rescue supplies to the top of El Cap.

 Yesterday as we were leaving the park I saw a helicopter and several firefighters in the meadow across from El Cap. I knew this was bad and instinctively pull over and exited the car. I asked a bystander what was going on and couldn't believe my eyes. As I looked through my binos and spotted a man hanging from a roof motionless, I felt sick and had to look away. My initial thought was that he was dead, but nobody knew exactly what happened or his state of consciousness. For hours we watched the helicopter and amazing rescuers work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We watched until the victims were hauled over the cliff and left the park. Now that a day has passed more and more info is being released.

From what I have gathered, The lead climber triggered a rockfall that
 cut his lead rope, thus sending him on a long free-fall until his haul line (that he was still attached to) caught his fall. This left him hanging over a large roof for hours. His partner seemed to stay in the same spot (next to the haul bag) until rescue. I believe the following climber was uninjured.

Sending prayers and condolences out to the family and Friends on the deceased climber and partner.

 Accessing the situation.
 The following climber is at the haul bag, Leader is stuck under the roof.

 Rescuer making his way down.

 Rescuer and victim being hauled out.

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  1. Wow!!!
    Bet it was difficult writing this JD.
    Good job.
    Prayers out to ALL friends & family involved!

    P.S. B careful @JohnnyDanger