Friday, March 25, 2011

Team Challenge...

I think the last contest I surfed at Seaside Reef was in high school. It was the only school event I won in 4 years on the OHS team. It's definitely an awesome wave. Here are some photos of the contest. At this event I was on the Surf Ride Solana Beach team with three other riders. In addition to the SB SR team there was a Surf Ride Oceanside team. Neither team won the event, but had a blast trying. Congrats to Hansen the 2x Champs. Don't worry guys, you're going down next year!

Here is a photo of me getting pumped for my heat.

This Photo was taken of Seaside local and SR O'side's team member Taylor Clark discussing strategy with fellow team member Gabe Garcia.

The surf conditions were very challenging!

You can Look up more info on the contest at

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